Plan de Ganancias

Lebasi is a Network Marketing Company that brings you the opportunity to obtain excellent earnings through the recommendation of a 100% natural food made in Switzerland. From the moment you become an Independent Entrepreneur you obtain the benefits that includes a work team in different areas, which willalwaysbe available to you, supporting you on your way to success. Enjoy your health and financial well-being. In Lebasi you can earn money in three different ways:

I)Recommend and earn

Invite your contacts to enjoy Lebasi, register them and they can buy directly from the company through Internet, they obtain a 30% discount and get their purchase sent home. When you register your contacts and they make a purchase, they become part of your group, generating earnings for you with every purchase they make. The system is excellent as you don’t have to buy and sell products, much less haul merchandise, deliver or collect. Just recommend, register your contacts, and when they buy, your earning is credited.

II)Earn by Expanding your Network

The same way you register your contacts, they do the same, generating profits for everyone, since a percentage of every purchase is given to the person who invited that client. The great advantage of this system is that it allows you to receive a monthly reward for other people’s efforts. This leads to distributors registering more and more distributors, who in turn will do the same, creating a descending line of distributors of many levels and an explosion of earnings.

III)Leadership earnings

Once you have a broad network of Independent Entrepreneurs and reach a determined number of network boxes, you will be able to obtain the leadership earnings that Lebasi has for you.