Lic. Etienne Gallardo Chenel

Lebasi CEO and Founder

He was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, on July 28, 1965. He has studies in International Economics and a Master in Human Resources. He has visited more than 52 countries, with knowledge of 5 languages ​​and has more than 30 years of experience in Network Marketing businesses. Previously, while still working in Switzerland, you learned about the Lactoserum through a recommendation. He had the great opportunity to see for himself the benefits of the product, realizing that he had to make it known outside Europe, so that other people in turn could take advantage of its benefits not only at the health level, but also to become a source of income. This decision definitely changed the course of his life. At the age of 31 he quits his job as a Director of a major company and decides to undertake his journey. The start was complicated, since the capital that was available at that time was not enough to satisfy the growing demand. On several occasions the product became scarce, which was never a limitation, on the contrary, with great commitment on the part of our Distributors and given the benefit they obtained, they maintained and continued to grow together with us. Etienne never imagined the great impact that it would cause with the Lebasi Business Plan, since the network grew without stopping and therefore the amount of work. Lebasi currently has a great staff, which is committed to giving the best service to its Distributors. This journey that started 20 years ago has benefited millions of families in different countries of the world. Today, Lebasi has a presence from Canada to Argentina. Etienne Chenel is a clear example of Leadership, Commitment and Success.

“Anyone determined to succeed can achieve Success with Dedication and Effort.”